About Idealliance:

Idealliance is a global industry non-profit organization with offices in (11) countries strategically located around the world. Since 1896, Idealliance has been serving brands, brand owners, content and media creators, OEMs, mail, marketing, print service providers, and material suppliers- worldwide.  Idealliance is the world’s foremost certifying body of competencies, systems, materials, and facilities providing state-of-the-art production, as measured by ISO year after year. Our specifications have transformed the industry and define production workflows for color (GRACoL®, SWOP®, XCMYK™, G7®, BrandQ™) content management (PRISM®), and paper (papiNet®). Idealliance leverages its collaborative and cross-industry global knowledge and resources to serve as a leading innovator in ISO standards development, program development, and a source of real-world insights and intelligence, continuously setting the standard for how our industry surges forward.

Discover the Programs and Services of Idealliance:

  • Largest Certifying Body in World
  • ISO Standards Development
  • Most Globally Recognized Certification & Training
  • Industry Changing Webinars
  • Transformative Global Working Groups
  • Technical Research & White Papers
  • Specifications, Methodology & Metrology
  • Newsletters & Publications
  • Incubator & Future of Industry Development
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Investing in the Future of the Industry

Pressman is focusing completely in the area of Standardisation.

  • About Idealliance South Asia

Pressman Solutions is the exclusive partner of Idealliance in South Asia.

From 1st June 2018, Idealliance and Pressman have formed a partnership to advance Idealliance Specifications across south Asian regions which includes India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh , Nepal , Maldives etc., and to serve as the agent for Idealliance programs in that region. In terms of this Alliance, Pressman will serve as the exclusive partner in the region. Pressman will represent ALL Idealliance activities in South Asia including G7®, BrandQ®, CMP®,  SWOP®, GRACoL®, DISC, Virtual Proofing Taskforce and the Print Predictability activities of the Print Properties Working Group. Under the terms of the agreement, Pressman will pre-qualify all new applicants from the region, and will verify G7 Masters (Printers and Proof Providers) and BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facilities. Idealliance South Asia will also conduct training to certify G7® Experts and BrandQ® Experts in the region. Pressman is also responsible for translating Idealliance specifications for the region and provides education about Idealliance Specifications and Guidelines throughout the region.